Piano del Cerro 2017


Generous lymph and bouquet on its lost spread of blackberries are the main qualities of this wine, which is also fragrant, absolutely admired and virgin in a context of maximal concentration, distilling both at the alcohol and extraction level. As a matter of fact, some wines, when clear, push their amazing extract and reach us with warmth, fire and alive liquor; other ones, though rare, in additional to the same expression level, also present a link to live chlorophyll, as if still breathing a clear and sun-soaked air from their native soil. This is the case for this very champion, which mellow like very few, adds a minty and cool touch to its marvelous aromatic integrity characterized by a proud concentration. It is among the very best reds of the year, as well as among the better crystalline and thick reds from Basilicata ever crafted. Score – 98. (lucamaroni.com, Aug. 1, 2019)

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